Chinese Wushu Sword

Chinese Wushu & Kongfu Taijiquan Taiji 32 Posture Tai Chi Sword by Li Deyin DVD

Chinese Wushu & Kongfu Taijiquan Taiji 32 Posture Tai Chi Sword by Li Deyin DVD

Chinese Wushu & Kongfu Taijiquan Taiji 32 Posture Tai Chi Sword by Li Deyin DVD   Chinese Wushu & Kongfu Taijiquan Taiji 32 Posture Tai Chi Sword by Li Deyin DVD
DVD - Hsing I(Xing Yi, Yi Quan). DVD - Yong Chun (Wing Chun). DVD - Other Traditional Wushu. DVD - WuShu Dan & Routine. DVD - Bruce Lee Jeet Kune. CD - Tai Chi & Buddhist Music. Chinese Puzzles & Puzzle Rings. Chinese Wushu & Kongfu Taijiquan Taiji 32 Posture Tai Chi Sword by Li Deyin DVD. China's Wushu Taijiquan Taiji Series - 42 Posture Tai Chi Boxing by Li Deyin DVD. Tai Chi Sword combines two kinds of sporting styles of Tai Chi Boxing and swordsmanship. It shall not only give into full play of Tai Chi Boxing's Characteristics of easiness, softness and continuousness but also express swordsmanship's characteristics of clear sporting swordsmanship, harmonious body and sword and elegant form.

32-Posture Tai Chi Sword is simplified and sorted by Li Tianji, famous Wushu Master, on the basis of Yang style Tai Chi Sword under the organization of State Physical Culture and Sports Commission. There are 4 sections with 32 movements in the whole series. The content is refined, routes are clear, swordsmanship is accurate and movements are standard. Stand with Feet Together and Point Sword 2.

Stand on One Leg and Back Thrust Sword 3. Crouch Stance and Sweep Sword 4. Stand on One Leg and Parry with Sword 7. Step Backward and Draw Sword Back 8. Stand on One Leg and Pierce Sword 9.

Empty Stance to Interrupt with Sword 10. Left Bow Stance and Thrust Sword 11. Turn to Withdraw Sword Obliquely 12. Bend Body to Withdraw Sword Obliquely 13. Lift Knee and Hold Sword in Both Hanks 14.

Jump Step and Thrust Sword 15. Left Empty Stance and Cut upward Sword 16. Right Bow Stance and Cut upward Sword 17. Turn to Draw Sword Back 18. Stand with Feet Together and Thrust Sword 19.

Left Bow Stance and Parry Sword 20. Right Bow Stance and Parry Sword 21. Left Bow stance and Parry Sword 22.

Advance to Back Thrust Sword 23. Turn Back to Hack Sword Backward 24. Empty Stance and Point Sword 25.

Stand on One Leg and Hold Sword 26. Bow Stance and Parry and Hack with Sword 27. Empty Stance and Parry with Sword 28. Withdraw Step to Beat Back 29. Advance to Thrust Sword 30.

T-step and Draw Sword Back 31. Rotate to Slice Horizontally with Sword 32. Bow Stance and Thrust Sword Lecturer: Yi Peng.

Format: DVD Language Speaking: Chinese Subtitle: English/Chinese. Professor of Renmin University of China. One of China Top 100 Outstanding Wushu Masters. As one of the foremost Tai Ji grandmasters, Professor Li has been working very hard for many years to promote Tai Ji Quan greatly in Asia, Europe and America.

He was chairman and chief judge in the Tai Ji Quan Committee in the Asian Games and many other China National and International Championships. Tai Ji Quan is now the most popular style of martial arts and sports. The benefits of practicing Tai Ji Quan are obvious and many patients fully or partially recovered after they practice Tai Ji Quan. Professor Li DeYin's professionalism, effort, contributions, achievements and dedication were greatly appreciated by countless students, practicers and organizations in more than 100 countries in the world. He truly is the best Tai Ji professor and coach in the world and he has earned numerous titles and awards such as "International Wu Shu Judge" and "China's Best Judge". Professor Li, Deyin was born in 1938 in Hebei province. He was raised in the culture of Wu Shu and began training when he was eight.

His grandfather Li, Yulin formally acknowledged Sun Lutang, Hao Enguang, Li Cunyi and Li Jinglin as masters. His father was a doctor who treated his patients with qigong, Tai Ji and massage. His uncle Li Tianji created the first standardized and simplified 24-form Tai Ji Quan and 32-form Tai Ji sword. Due to Li Tianji's excellent achievement and contribution, China awarded him the title "Father of Contemporary Tai Ji Quan". Professor Li is good at Shao Lin Quan, Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Palm, Tai Ji Quan, and Wu Dang Sword.

After he earned his BS degree in 1961, Professor Li dedicated himself to Wu Shu studying and a teaching career. He now is Professor of the Beijing People's University, member of the Chinese Wu Shu Science Committee, Vice President of the Beijing Wu Shu Association, and President of the College of the Wu Shu Association (Beijing). Professor Li has trained the world's top professionals and champions, such as Gao Jiamin, Chen Sitan and Huo Dongli, who have won gold in the All-China National Tournaments and Asian Games. Professor Li has been awarded with numerous honorary titles. Many Tai Ji professionals from China and many other countries, even grand champions, have come to Beijing to be trained by him. Former Japanese Prime Minister Mitsubishi and high ranking government officers from other countries have made special schedules to fly to Beijing and learn from him. Professor Li is also a published author of a number of books in Chinese, Japanese and English including TaiJi Quan Basic Exercises, An Introductory Guide to Tai Ji Sword, 24 Step Simplified Tai Ji Quan Teaching and Learning, 32 Step Tai Ji Sword Teaching and Learning, 48 Posture Tai Ji Quan, Hsing-yi Quan Shu, Tai Ji Quan (English, 2004), Wu Dang Sword and 42 Posture Tai Ji Quan Competition Routine, which was examined and approved by the Chinese Wu Shu Association as a standard international competition routine, and Tai Ji Kung Fu Fan. DVD: Unless otherwise specified, DVD is coded for all region. VCD stands for "Video Compact Disc". A VCD can be played on all DVD Players and all computers with a DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive. VCD has no compatibility issue with different systems such as PAL/NTSC and no regional code restrictions. Probably the largest collection of martial art DVD and books, as well as Kung Fu Designer Clothing and Unique music. Most of our martial art videos are produced in China with true masters on tai chi AKA Tai Ji (Yang Tai Chi, Wu Tai Chi, Chen Tai Chi and Sun Tai Chi), Ba Gua, Hsing I, Wu Dang, Shao Lin & other Kung Fu such as Ground Tumbling Boxing, Cha fist, whip, Hawk fist, Fanzi Boxing, Long Fist, Sword, Spears, Chi Gong (Qi Gong).

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Chinese Wushu & Kongfu Taijiquan Taiji 32 Posture Tai Chi Sword by Li Deyin DVD   Chinese Wushu & Kongfu Taijiquan Taiji 32 Posture Tai Chi Sword by Li Deyin DVD